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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Driver Partners

iDisha Info Labs has launched Zory taxi services with a mission to help drivers with the following principles :
  1. Lower commission (9%)
  2. Transparency before accepting trip about ride destination, total ride amount
  3. Max 1 working day settlement
  4. Allow drivers to set their fare
  5. Infinite number of GOTO destination option
  6. Driver friendly customer service
With Zory, the drivers can see 50% higher take home income (excluding commission & standard expenses like fuel, car maintenance, etc.,)

Zory platform work and operational across India. Currently the company is doing promotional activities in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Kerala

Both Zory and Quick Ride app are from the same company "iDisha Info Labs Pvt Ltd.". The customer can book taxi trips from Quick Ride App. The trips will be accessed and managed by drivers through Zory Driver App.

You can download the Zory Driver App from Google Play store and complete the signup process. Our team will call you back to do the verification and complete onboarding process

Following types of vehicles can be attached a) Taxi (4 wheeler car - Hatchback/ Sedan/ SUV/ Premium) b) Auto c) Bike Taxi

Typically it takes 3 days max for document verification and onboarding. However if you are on urgency, you can feel free to write an email to or do call us at support line 080-47104161

Zory support both Instant and Scheduled trips. Please check if you can fulfil the trip at later time and then only accept the trip

Zory is a growing platform for drivers and passengers and constantly work to get more customers. We need your help also to refer to other customers you meet. Please be online and we shall soon get you a trip.

Tolls are included for all Local and Airport Taxi trips. For Outstation some trips tolls are included, please check inclusions/exclusions section of Outstation trip in ride live view

For Local and Airport trips, Zory doesn't support Cash payments. It happens through online automatically once the trip is closed. For outstation trips, Zory support Cash payments to support driver for expenses during the trip

Following are the standard deductions
  1. The GST on Ride fare will be deducted
  2. Zory Platform Commission of 9% and
  3. GST (18%) on Zory Platform Commission Amount
  4. 1% TDS, if TDS declaration not given along Identity proof
  5. Any other applicable dues and penalties of driver partner

For the Local and Airport trips, the Ride Fare includes:
  1. Base Fare
  2. Distance based Perkm Fare
  3. Total Time based Fare (Applicable for selected states)
  4. Waiting charges if any
  5. Toll Charges
  6. GST Component
For the Outstation trips, the Ride Fare includes:
  1. Day wise min km fare
  2. Planned km fare
  3. Driver Allowance
  4. Night driving allowance
  5. GST
  6. Toll charges, State Taxes, Parking Charges, Excess km fare, Incidental any other applicable charges, etc., are added on actual by Drivers during trip.

1% TDS is applicable as per Govt Rules. You can give a declaration to avoid TDS Dedution. For this, you need to declare as "I am individual taxi driver/owner, and doesn't belong to registered establishment. I submit my total annual earning is less than 500000 Rs. I am giving my Aadhaar/PAN Number and I want the exemption from TDS Deduction.I declare this is fully true"
The declaration can be given by going to Settings option in Zory App.

Cash payments are strictly prohibited on Zory Platform for Local and Airport Trips. It is not allowed to collect / insist cash payments from the customer

In Zory, settlement happens every day and drivers get dettlement payment in max. one working day after completing the trip.
The amount will be credited by NEFT to the bank account details you have submitted to Zory

Please refer offers section in the Zory app for latest offer, including the below
  1. After completing 9 rides in any day, all further rides the commission is Zero
  2. Win Rs. 1000 by being Best Zory Driver Partner of the month
  3. Get Referral bonus for referring other drivers and customers

We request your help to grow the company by referring your friends and customers to Zory.
  1. You can refer another driver partner and you will get Rs. 25 referral bonus when the other driver complete first ride
  2. You can refer a taxi customer of you to Quick Ride and you will get Rs. 25 referral bonus and 1% commission for the trips taken by the customer upto certain period*. Customer need to complete first trip
The referral code can be found in the App - Menu.

You can refer a taxi customer of you to Quick Ride and you will get Rs. 25 referral bonus and 1% commission for the trips taken by the customer upto certain period*. Customer need to complete first trip to get the bonus

Please check if the referred driver/customer applied your unique referral code during signup. Please also check if they have completed first ride or not.

At the end of the trip, you can rate the customer based on their behaviour. We will also share the feedback with them to not repeat such behaviour
If the situation require the company involvement, feel free to write to or reach out on support line number 080-47104161

You can write to us at Alternately, you can reach out to us at 080-47104161

Zory may suspend / terminate your account in the following conditions:
  1. Based on customer feedback/ complaint
  2. Based on audit by Zory team and when found the driver partner violate any standard procedures
If you have a conern, you can feel free to write an email to or do call us at support line 080-47104161

You are advised to contact Zory support line 080-47104161 immediately to ensure min. inconvenience to Customers. If the issue can be fixed quickly, we recommend you to fix the issue and continue the trip, else we need to arrange another driver partner for customer. For Emergency/ In between abandoned trips, there will not be any money settled to Driver partners

Customer travel and their further plan depend on our commitment of accepted trip. It is highly recommended that driver partners not to cancel any accepted trips.
Incase if there is an unavoidable emergency, driver partner can cancel the trip from Zory driver app subject to the following cancellation charges.
  1. Penalty upto Rs. 100 for Local and Outstation trips
  2. Penalty of Rs. 100, if cancelled outstation trip in 2hrs advance
  3. Penalty of 5% of trip fare, if cancelled before Pickup time and within 2hrs time
  4. Penalty of 10% of trip fare, if no-Show or cancelled after pickup time

To keep professional behavior and good standard ride experience to Customer, drivers are expected to follow the standard procedures and etiquitte. Incase of violation of standard etiquette by drivers, Zory may apply penalty between Rs. 25 to Rs. 1000,based on the violation.
Some of the common expectations are:
  1. Be On time for Pickup
  2. Keep Car Clean
  3. Be polite to Customers
  4. Dont talk on Mobile during Driving
  5. Dont Cancel the Accepted Trip
  6. Dont insist Cash payments
  7. Dont insist Toll payment if Toll included in the ride fare etc.,